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You may not think much about your homes crawlspace until something goes wrong and requires the repairs of a professional contractor like Crawl Space Cleaning Pros. One of the most potentially hazardous issues we see in Seattle and Tacoma-area crawl spaces is flooding and standing water, which can often be prevented with the installation of a sump pump system to manage excess water.

Water In Crawl Space Can Cause Damage to Your Mt. Vernon Home


Are you noticing water in crawl space of your Mt. Vernon, WA home? You are not alone. Many residents in the area have the same problem and wonder who to call for water in crawl space. The pros at Crawl Space Cleaning Pros can help you out. They know the best process for:

  • Crawl space water removal?
  • Water in crawl space home inspection?
  • Remediation and damage control

Standing water in your basement is not a good thing. It can lead to mold, mildew, compromised basement walls, shifting wood and concrete, and be a breeding ground for pests.

Sump Pump Installation to Manage Excess Water in Mt. Vernon


Are you wondering how to install sump pump drain system for your Mt. Vernon home? Sump pumps are not DIY jobs, unfortunately, and require expert techniques and care. If you live near a high water table and don’t want your basement to flood, call us. We can:

  • Assess your sump pump pit needs?
  • Provide the best pumps and materials that will keep your basement dry?
  • Keep sump pump installation cost low

We know that many Mt. Vernon residents are worried about the sump pump installation cost, which is why we remain competitive. Other sump pump installation companies understand the urgency of sump pump installation and may not charge as fairly.Our technicians are helpful, courteous, and kind, and they get the job done right the first time.

French Drain Installation in Mt. Vernon Crawl Spaces


You probably think of french drain installation as being a landscaping tool, but it’s becoming more common in crawl spaces and basements in the area.

If you have a sump pump but have issues with grading or soil that retains a lot of water in your crawl space or basement, it can be hard for the water to make its way into the sump pit. Our technicians understand the ins and outs of french drain installation, making sure:

  • French drain depth is appropriate?
  • French drain pipe is the right size and angle?
  • There is gravel to help drain water

Don’t try a french drain DIY – call us. French drain installation can make it easier for you to keep standing water out of your crawl space our basement. If you’re worried about french drain installation cost, we promise we keep our prices low. Also, french drain installation is cheaper than water remediation and flood services!

If you’re ready to remove water in crawl space, want sump pump installation, or need a french drain pipe, call us. Reach Crawl Space Cleaning Pros near Mt. Vernon at 866-673-9626.