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You may not think much about your homes crawlspace until something goes wrong and requires the repairs of a professional contractor like Crawl Space Cleaning Pros. One of the most potentially hazardous issues we see in Seattle and Tacoma-area crawl spaces is flooding and standing water, which can often be prevented with the installation of a sump pump system to manage excess water.

Water in Crawl Space Can Cause Damage to Your Edmonds Home


Water in a crawl space can cause damage to your Edmonds home that is due primarily to humidity. These are examples of the severity of damage that may occur:

  • Wet or moldy insulation
  • Structural decay
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Termite and pest infestation
  • Duct work rust

We are professionals in water mediation services that minimize lasting damage in your crawl space. As a preventive approach to water mediation we can provide an effective sump pump installation to avoid future extensive repairs in conjunction with a French drain installation to route ground water away from your crawl space.

To avoid a French drain installation and sump pump installation do-it-yourself project that may not totally mitigate your problem, call for an estimate or a consultation.

Sump Pump Installation to Manage Excess Water in Edmonds


Managing excess or standing water in a crawlspace that is common for homes in Edmonds can be a difficult do-it-yourself project for homeowners. A professional sump pump installation can be a successful solution for evacuation of ground water from your crawl space.

In certain cases we may also recommend water mitigation within the perimeter of your crawl space with a French drain installation as a security measure for protecting your home from:

  • Mold and mildew growth on floor joists, ductwork and insulation
  • Poor air quality and hazardous health conditions
  • Foundation damage or disintegration

If you are experiencing standing water in the crawl space after heavy rain, the simple answer is to call us for installation of a sump pump to evacuate unwanted water, or a French drain installation used in conjunction with a sump pump to avoid severe structural problems.

French Drain Installation in Edmonds Crawl Spaces


What is a French drain and what is a French drain installation cost?

Installation of a French drain involves setting up a perimeter within your crawl space to capture and divert water in the crawl space into a pipe and gravel channeling system fed by gravity to a sump pump installation that will purge the water to a specified point of discharge.

If you have a serious problem with water in the crawl space of your home in Edmonds, a single component such as a vapor barrier or a sump pump installation may not address the full issue.

We have qualified inspectors trained to recommend the best system and installation choice knowing that conditions vary from home to home such as:

  • Evidence of perched ground water
  • Issues with hydrostatic pressure leading to compromised structural integrity
  • Existing expanding soils that absorb large quantities of water

Because of the many variables, we recommend scheduling a consultation and a free estimate for managing your excess water. Call Crawl Space Cleaning Pros today! 866-673-9626