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Touring the Great Benefits of Attic Insulation

Posted January 14, 2016

attic insulation, crawl space cleaning

Does your home always feel cold in the wintertime, and are you spending a fortune to keep your heat on at all times? If so, you could benefit greatly from adding new attic insulation. Insulating your attic will make it difficult for you to store items in it, but it will make a big difference in the way your home feels and help you to keep your energy bills from skyrocketing. Insulation contractors in Seattle and Tacoma, WA, can add attic insulation for you now. Here are some of the immediate benefits of doing it.

Keeps More Hot Air Trapped Inside Your Home

Everyone knows that hot air rises. But did you know that, in your home, hot air rising can actually affect the way it feels? If you don’t have the proper attic insulation in your home, hot air can make its way up to your attic and force your furnace to create more hot air to takes its place. This means that your heating systemwill need to work at all times in order to keep your home feeling comfortable.

Lowers Your Energy Bills Dramatically

When your heating system is constantly running, your energy bills are going to reflect it. You can always turn your system off, but that will result in your home being colder than it should be. By adding blown in insulation to your attic, you will reduce the number of hours you need to run your heat on a daily basis and start saving money immediately.

Prevents Problems With Your Roofing

When hot air gets into your attic during the winter season, it can cause problems with your roof. The warm air in your attic will melt snow and ice on your roof. The water will then refreeze once nightfall comes, and ice dams will form. Ice dams can then damage your roof and send water streaming back into your home and encourage mold growth in your attic. Removing it can be costly and make life very difficult for you. Insulating properly can prevent all of this.