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The Importance of Dryer Venting

Posted June 23, 2016

Installing efficient dryer venting is as important as insulation installations and a clean crawl space near the Everett, WA. Updated and cleaned dryer venting will go a long way toward protecting your home and lowering your energy bills. Don’t wait to hire an insulation and venting contractor; take the steps for a safer home today.

Prevent Fires

The National Fire Protection Agency has reported that over 15,000 home fires are started from dryer vents every year. The lint trap only catches about 60% of the lint that comes off clothes. The rest of the lint is sucked back into the dryer vents. As lint blows back into the vents, the risk of starting a fire increases with each load. Good dryer venting should consist of the least amount of restriction points possible. This allows the lint to flow through the vents more easily. Also, you should have your dryer vents professionally inspected and cleaned at least once a year. An insulation and air duct contractor can clean and identify problem areas to lower the risk of a potential fire.

Improve Efficiency

Good dryer vents help to dry your clothes quicker. With proper dryer venting, typically with the least amount of restriction points, the dryer does not need to work as hard to dry a load. The air can flow easily and quickly throughout the system. If you notice your dryer becoming extremely hot while running a load, you may need to clean the dryer vents or consider replacing the vents in the future. The heat means your dryer is working overtime and trying to get through the lint buildup in the vents.

Lower Energy Bill

The added benefit of more efficient dryer vents is the lower energy bill. Since the vents control the efficiency of the dryer, the energy bill will fluctuate based on the quality of the dryer vents. Installing better venting, or cleaning your vents regularly, should have a positive effect on your energy bill. The less your dryer has to work, then the less energy it will use, and your bill should be lower.