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The Dangers of Spray Polyurethane Foam

Posted September 17, 2015

Spray polyurethane foam is a popular form of insulation serving the Greater Seattle Area. Unfortunately, the abilities this foam insulation offers is overshadowed by the harmful effects that surround it. Although some consider it a green product, it is made from toxic components that are known to cause adverse reactions. Research into this form of insulation is still being conducted, but conclusive evidence of its safety has yet to be found. Continue on if you are interested in learning about the dangers of spray polyurethane foam.


You might get the sense that spray polyurethane foam is less than trustworthy if you watch the installation process. Those who install spray polyurethane foam are required to wear HAZMAT suits that cover their entire bodies due to the dangers of being exposed to its ingredients. Side A, which is composed primarily of reactive chemicals, is mixed with Side B in order to create the foam. Anyone nearby during the installation process must wear the proper protective equipment or risk exposure to Side A chemicals, which can cause problems with your skin and breathing. Manufacturers claim that spray polyurethane foam is completely safe and inert once it has cured, but the amount of time that takes is unclear.

Health Concerns

Since the chemicals used to create spray polyurethane foam are hazardous to your health, it stands to reason that the foam itself might cause problems as well. Some homeowners have experienced pungent smells and swelling of the throat, while others experience a range of other respiratory problems. Exposure to spray polyurethane foam may also lead to irritation of the eyes and feverish symptoms. If you have been exposed to the harmful chemicals in polyurethane foam, seek medical attention as soon as possible.


When there is suspicion regarding the safety of a certain product, it is typically wise to steer clear of it until a verdict has been reached. Unfortunately there has not been enough research into spray polyurethane foam insulation to conclude that it is safe for use. While manufacturers insist that their fully cured product is safe, avoiding this product may keep you healthy.