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The Dangers of Mold in Your Home

Posted July 28, 2016

Mold is much more than just an eyesore in your home. When your house develops a mold problem, the health and safety of your entire family could be affected. In the event that you begin to notice the signs of mold growth on your ceilings, floors, or walls, you should be sure to contact a company that offers mold remediation near you. With the assistance of a company that provides crawl space insulation near Tacoma, WA, you can remove crawl space water and schedule a complete mold remediation for your property. To highlight the importance of mold removal, read on for an overview of the dangers of mold in your home.

Health Issues

A mold problem in your home can lead to health issues for you or your family members. For example, exposure to toxic black mold has been linked to serious symptoms, such as nasal congestion, skin disorders, and coughing. If a person is sensitive to mold, he or she may develop a severe reaction to spores in the indoor air. The best way to prevent these health issues is to eliminate your mold problem altogether.

Allergic Reactions

Along with general health problems, toxic black mold can also create allergic reactions in certain people. When a person has a mold allergy, he or she may start to wheeze, cough, or become very congested. Black mold can also make a person with asthma develop more severe symptoms. To preserve the health of your family, you should make sure that your home is free and clear of a mold problem.

Structural Damage

Finally, mold can also be a threat to the structural integrity of your home. In order to grow, mold requires moist and dark conditions. For this reason, mold will often grow in crawl spaces, basements, and other out of the way areas. When your basement develops a mold problem, your home could experience severe damage. In order to completely remove a mold issue, you will want to set up professional mold remediation services.