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The Dangers of a Rodent Infestation

Posted August 18, 2015

If mice, rats, or other rodents make their way through your crawl space insulation and enter your home, they can do more than just cause an inconvenience. They can also present serious health risks. This is why it is absolutely necessary to seek rodent removal near the greater Seattle area should you suspect an infestation. Here are a few of the dangers of keeping rodents around.

Spread of Diseases

There are many diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Rat Bite Fever, and more that can spread through rodents’ urine and feces. Some of these diseases will only result in minor symptoms, but others can be deadly. The only way to completely stop them from spreading is to remove all rodents from your home.

Rapid Reproduction

If you have at least two rodents in your home, there is a potential for many more to be present in the near future. That is because most rodents reproduce extremely quickly. For example, a female mouse can give birth to a new litter every six weeks, meaning you could go from having a few mice to well over 100 mice in a short amount of time.

Electrical Problems

Rodents will often chew through everything from crawl space insulation to wiring behind the walls of your home once they make their way in. They will stop at nothing to find food and shelter and can cause catastrophic problems if you are not careful. It makes rodent exclusion necessary inside of homes that have large infestations.

Issues With Fleas

If you have rats in your home, then you very likely have fleas that are living on them. This may not cause you any trouble initially, but if and when the rats die, the fleas will begin to search for a new host to live on. This could result in them seeking out your family pets, and they could even find their way on to you. If this happens, it could take you a long time to rid your home of the fleas. Take care of the issue before it gets that far.