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They Just Did Things Nobody Else Has Even Talked About

March 27, 2015 | Steve B | Tacoma , WA
Client's Rating: 5 of 5

They did go above the mark. They put in insulation around the lights themselves so that cold air would not go up. They did just extra stuff. Then I had rodents and they figured out with that and I think they solved that for me. They definitely helped. They were very competitive. They figured out ways to do a good job and be competitive, and take advantage of any energy discounts or rebates. They examined all of that stuff. I could not use all of them, but they looked at every possibility for that for discounts. I had some extra screening work done for rodents and stuff like that and the price they charged for that was really competitive and the work they did was above and beyond what any other company I have used even came close to. Like any business, consider what they have to say and make your own evaluation, is what I would say to anybody, but personally I was happy with them. I had a big rodent problem and if you live in the woods you cannot say everything is installed, but they probably did more to abate that problem than anybody else that has come in here in 10 years. They put effort into it and I am not catching rodents or seeing evidence now since they came through here. They knew what they were doing, and they looked in places nobody else would ever look. They just did things nobody else has even talked about. All those other companies just put traps around and take money, but these guys actually crawled through every space and sealed stuff up and showed me where I could access trap holes to check and stuff like that. They were professional.