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March 24, 2017 | Roxanne T. | Shoreline
Client's Rating: 5 of 5

This past winter, my pest control company had to treat for rodents and suggested I look into a crawlspace and attic cleanout (particularly the crawl). 

Of the 3 bids, I decided on Crawl Space Cleaning Pros.  Marcel, the estimator, arrived on time and following his findings, gave me the most thorough estimate.  It included a notebook of information about their company and services offered, a sample of the barrier material they use, a detailed list of all work tasks, a timeline, pictures of the current condition and exact cost.  He was very clear and professional.  He answered all of my questions (he knows the complete process from office tasks to cleanout details) and was always available for follow-up questions.  Not once did he use any pressure or upsell offers.  And to top it, his was the lowest bid.

Glenda and Denise, at the front office, are very efficient and clear and made scheduling very easy.  During one of those calls, I asked a question about the contract and ended up talking with the owner (Richard) for quite some time.  He was very pleasant and shared a lot of interesting info about this type of business. He also welcomed my feedback and asked suggestions for any improvements.

The day of the job couldn’t have went better.  Luis and Heber arrived on time and immediately went to work tenting and securing their work path.  They removed an incredible amount of debris (old barrier, rodent-infested insulation that had been secured between wooden planks, old ducting, construction debris, etc).  They replaced and staked a new barrier, sanitized with an odorless treatment, replaced insulation and secured with twine, air sealed or installed wire mesh on any gaps and poured concrete in burrow holes.  They were like machines for 9-10 hrs but always stopped for any of my questions or comments.  Their clean-up was incredible – not one speck of dust or anything out of place.  The only way I really knew they were there is that the air was remarkably better immediately and they provided several pictures of the finished work.

During the cleanout, Luis confirmed I had a leaky pipe.  Since then, 2 plumbers have been out to bid and both have commented on the thoroughness of the job.  Also, the pest control tech came out for a follow-up and was thrilled that the crawlspace is now so clean and sealed.

And several days later, I received a thank-you note with a Starbucks gift card – nice touch. 

I’m so pleased that I found Crawl Space Cleaning Pros and look forward to using them for the attic.  Many, many thanks to their entire team!