Borate-Treated Cellulose Insulation

Made by Hamilton Manufacturing, Thermolok Cellulose Insulation is subject to standards more stringent than those required for most other brands of insulation. This provides an assurance of quality and consistency for both residential and commercial applications. When we blow in cellulose insulation as we service homes throughout the Pacific Northwest, this is the product we use.

Thermolok Cellulose Insulation is the highest quality cellulose available, manufactured and distributed to exacting standards to assure consistency and uniform quality. It is manufactured from natural fibers, chemically treated to meet the safety standards of the US Consumer Products Safety Commission for flame resistance and the ability to resist corrosion.

Flame Retardant
Thermolok Cellulose Insulation is a flame resistant material that can be used for either loose-fill or spray-on applications. It will not melt or support combustion. Thermolok Cellulose Insulation is laboratory tested.

Thermal Effectiveness
Thermal performance of insulation is measured in R-values. The higher the R-value, the more the material resists the flow of heat and the better it insulates. Thermolok Cellulose Insulation has a more effective R-value per inch than fiberglass or rock wool.

When sprayed into open cavities, Thermolok Cellulose Insulation gives complete coverage around and behind wall constructions, such as plumbing and electrical conduit, and achieves a tight “monolithic” seal that eliminates the voids and gaps inherent in using pre-cut fiberglass batts.

Sound Absorption
Cellulose fibers are short, hollow and interlocking, allowing for high absorption of sound waves, thus reducing noise produced by plumbing, appliances and outside sources. Thermolok Cellulose eliminates the voids and gaps that allow sound to penetrate or escape a structure. With STC ratings over 50 and NRC ratings at .75 per one inch or better, Thermolok Cellulose Insulation provides a superior acoustical barrier.

100 Percent All-Borate Cellulose
Thermolok Cellulose Insulation is made using 100 percent Boron 10. This flame retardant system overcomes the negative character of other chemicals. Borates are a recognized wood preservative as well as a fungicide and insecticide control, especially as related to treatment of wood.

The cost of Boron 10 is about 8 to 10 times that of other common fire-retardant chemicals and is a worthwhile expense, considering the advantages of the borate system over other options. The active ingredients will remain effective under normal usage and conditions. It has no odor or irritating fumes and is free from harmful fiberglass, asbestos fibers and contains no ammonium sulfate.

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