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Increasing Your Home’s Efficiency with Crawl Space Insulation

Posted October 15, 2015

Crawl space insulation in the greater Seattle area is an essential part of overall home insulation. Not only does it maintain the energy efficiency of your home, but it makes your entire house more comfortable by improving air quality and preventing hot and cool air from escaping through the floor. There are ventilated and unventilated crawl spaces, each requiring its own type of insulation. Read below to learn more about crawl space insulation.

Ventilated Crawl Space

This type of crawl space is ideal because the ventilation helps eliminate moisture, which tends to build up in crawl spaces—especially in Seattle. Fiberglass insulation is usually the best type of insulation for a ventilated crawl space. Insulation is installed between the floor joists, beneath the subfloor. Professional installation of the insulation is important because it needs to be fully secured and covered with a vapor barrier. Improper installation may increase the risk of excess moisture, which breeds mold.

Non-Ventilated Crawl Space

It is best to insulate the walls of a non-ventilated crawl space instead of the subfloor of the room above it. This method uses less insulation. It also makes for a less complicated installation process, because the insulation contractors will not have to insulate the piping and ducts separately.

Protecting the Floor

Installing a polyurethane vapor barrier over the dirt floor of your crawl space provides enhanced protection from outside air and pests. The barrier can be covered with sand in order to prevent damage.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Although many homeowners are able to install crawl space insulation on their own, there are several notable advantages of going with a professional. The quality of do-it-yourself insulation products varies, which can increase the risk of indoor air pollution and the potential health problems that may come from it. Professionals will thoroughly clean the space and remove old insulation before installing new insulation. They will also spray the area with fungicide. Many homeowners do not have the equipment or experience to do a sufficiently thorough job of this.