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Do You Have Otters in Your Crawl Space?

Posted April 3, 2017

river otter

Have you noticed a particularly foul odor coming from your crawl space? Or have you ventured down there to find that your insulation has been ripped from the walls and bundled into little nests? You might have otters in your crawl space.

Otters aren’t considered regular household pests, but in the Puget Sound area, they are not uncommon. If you’ve heard chirping noises, smell something rotten coming from your crawl space, or notice that your crawl space insulation is torn apart, you might have otters in crawl space.

We at Crawl Space Cleaning Pros know how to prevent them from getting back onto your property, but if you have otters in crawl space, it’s important to recognize the signs and rid your property of their presence.

How to Identify an Otter Occupation

Spring is prime otter breeding season, and a number of home and property owners in the Seattle area have found otters in crawl spaces. Unfortunately, otters are quite damaging, which means you’ll want to keep a look out for a few things:

  1. Damaged Crawl Space Vent

Otters are very strong and can force their way into a crawl space quite easily. With regular crawl space vents, an otter can easily pry it off and enter the warm, dark area to have their babies and set up camp.

  1. Insulation Used for Nesting

Otters are also big fans of insulation, pulling it down to make a nest for their young. This is one of the most damaging aspects of an otter’s presence on your home, but probably not the one you’ll notice first.

  1. The Smell

Some people consider otters to be “water skunks” because of the smell often associated with their habitation. With the amount of food waste and feces these critters leave behind, you’ll probably smell them before you see them. Otters eat pounds of fish (and whatever food they can find) and can process the food within an hour, even vomiting up scales and bones from their meals.

Understandably, people want otters in crawl spaces removed immediately. Once you’ve recognized the signs, you can call us to prevent the otters’ reentry into your home.

Crawl Space Vents

The key to shutting out an otter family for good is replacing your torn insulation and your subpar crawl space vent. Once your pest control company has removed the otters (or they leave on their own), call us.

aluminum crawl space vent

Here at Crawl Space Cleaning Pros, we will send our expert cleaning crew in to remove any sign that otters were living in your crawl space. After sanitizing the space, then they’ll replace the insulation. Finally, we screw an aluminum crawl space vent directly into the concrete. That vent can hold up to otters (or any other critter you might be hosting).
Call Crawl Space Cleaning Pros today if you want to prevent otters in crawl spaces in the Seattle area.