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Puget Sound's Leading Crawl Space Insulation Services, Providing Innovative and Effective Solutions at Affordable Prices With Qualified, Professional Installers. Free In-Home Estimates on All Services.


Proudly Named Angie´s List Super Service Award Winner for Three Years In a Row


Through intensive training, our team at Crawl Space Cleaning Pros is prepared to handle every aspect of your crawl space insulation needs. Our ability to provide quality insulation service has earned us the Angie’s List Super Service Award for three years running. In addition, we offer cleaning and installation of more environmentally friendly materials as well!

Energy-Efficient Solutions for Crawl Space Insulation in Mt. Vernon


Our team of technicians has received intensive training in energy-efficient solutions for crawl space insulation installations, insulation removal and crawl space cleaning.

If you are like most homeowners you likely avoid the crawl space and may be unaware of problems such as:

  • Air leakage that contributes to energy loss
  • Transfer of natural cold temperatures from the surrounding earth to the crawl space
  • Groundwater that creates moisture problems and mold in your insulation
  • Presence of rodents and live animals

We offer an assessment to determine if the condition of your crawl space requires insulation removal of compromised insulation. And if so, we can provide a free estimate for insulating your crawl space to lower your energy bills and maintain greater comfort in your home in Mt. Vernon.

Since mold can become a threat to the structural integrity of your home, we highly recommend mold removal and insulating your crawl space to preserve the health of your family. Call us today!

Insulation Removal & Crawl Space Cleaning in Mt. Vernon Homes


Crawl space insulation contributes in a major way to energy efficiency and increased comfort all year long in Mt. Vernon homes.

However, in instances where the crawl space insulation has become compromised, or if insulation is non-existent, properly insulating your crawl space can bring great benefits with improved energy efficiency, greater home comfort and improved health conditions.

If this describes your crawl space, this is how we can help:

  • Careful insulation removal and disposal of compromised insulation
  • Complete crawl space cleaning including water mediation if needed
  • Sealing of all air penetration points with a low expansion foam
  • Fogging the entire space with odor neutralizer to eliminate bacterial growth
  • Insulating your crawl space with the most sustainable and safe insulation on the market

Our goal is to save our clients time and money by utilizing energy-efficient solutions and innovative installation processes to reduce the time required to update their crawl space. Call us for a free estimate!

Why Choose Us for Insulating Your Crawl Space in Mt. Vernon?


With the intensive training of our team, we are proficient in a broad range of services for resolving compromised crawl space insulation, including water mediation, careful insulation removal, duct sealing and insulation, crawl space encapsulation to reduce heating and cooling expenses and rodent exclusion.

We are professionals in crawl space insulation services utilizing home energy assessments and advanced technology to achieve the goals of improved energy efficiency, protection of the structural integrity of homes, and increased comfort and health conditions.

In addition, these are reasons to choose us for insulating your crawl space in Mt. Vernon:

  • Extreme care and control by our technicians during insulation removal
  • Superior workmanship and customer service excellence
  • Affordable pricing, crawl space assessments and free estimates
  • Care in determining proper insulation R-value

Call Crawl Space Cleaning Pros for quality insulation services that have earned us the Angie’s List Super Service Award for three years running! 866-673-9626