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The most important factor to installing an encapsulated crawl space is to have the best materials and experience. When properly installing an encapsulated crawl space it will prevent pipes from bursting, cut down on heating and cooling expenses, and give your home cleaner and healthier air.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services for Homes in Mukilteo


Are you frequently battling moisture, pests, or just cold drafts from your crawl space in Mukilteo, WA? Call Crawl Space Cleaning Pros today. They can help you get your crawl space under control with their crawl space encapsulation contractors.

Crawl space encapsulation helps homeowners:

  • Prevent mold and mildew buildup
  • Use their crawl space as viable storage
  • Keep pests and cold air out

While a crawl space is never a habitable space for humans, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a clean, dry place to store boxes and unused goods.

Crawl space encapsulation also reduces overall utility costs, as many crawl spaces can leave homes in Mukilteo less than comfortable in cold and hot seasons. Call our crawl space encapsulation contractors today for the best service in the industry.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier & Encapsulation in Mukilteo


Are you wondering how to put down a vapor barrier in a crawl space? While it may be tempting to just lay some sheeting down to prevent moisture build up in your crawl space, it’s not a great idea!

The correct way to install a vapor barrier in a crawl space involves technicians who know:

  • Which crawl space vapor barrier material to use
  • The best way to apply the barrier in each crawl space
  • How to assess the current condition of a crawl space to ensure a vapor barrier is the best option

Many times, Mukilteo residents try to avoid hiring professionals because they’re concerned about the crawl space vapor barrier cost. Let us assure that our crawl space vapor barrier services are high quality and affordable.

Encapsulated Crawl Space Benefits for the Mukilteo Homeowner


Many Mukilteo homeowners are unaware of the many crawl space encapsulation benefits they can receive when they call us. For one, an encapsulated crawl space is much more homeowner-friendly.

Don’t be scared of your crawl space – call our crawl space encapsulation contractors! They will make sure:

  • Your crawl space is in good condition
  • Mediate any problems they come across
  • Advise on the best encapsulated crawl space plan of action

Once our crawl space encapsulation contractors evaluate your crawl space, they will have a better idea of the cost. From there, they can also help you solve any issues with standing water, mold or mildew, or pests that they noticed during the assessment.

An encapsulated crawl space will also save you on energy bills, give you more storage space, and make it easier to maintain your home! Call Crawl Space Cleaning Pros today if you’re ready for crawl space encapsulation. You can schedule an appointment in Mukilteo by calling 866-673-9626.