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The most important factor to installing an encapsulated crawl space is to have the best materials and experience. When properly installing an encapsulated crawl space it will prevent pipes from bursting, cut down on heating and cooling expenses, and give your home cleaner and healthier air.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services for Homes in Bothell


Our encapsulated crawl space installations are built with the best materials and professional experience to prevent bursting pipes, reduce heating and cooling expenses, avoid structural decay, and to provide healthy air quality for your home in Bothell.

Crawl space encapsulation creates a controlled environment by sealing the entire crawl space interior to reduce moisture, risk of mold and to provide cleaner air; whereas, a crawl space vapor barrier installation covers the floor, leaving the walls and vents unsealed, and does not usually require a sump pump installation or any air conditioning methods.

These are a few comparisons between an encapsulated crawl space and a crawl space vapor barrier:

  • Encapsulation = completely sealing the space vs. vapor barrier covering only the floor
  • Encapsulation = sump pump or dehumidifier installation required vs. none required
  • Vapor barrier installation averages about one-quarter of the price of encapsulation

Overall, the difference between encapsulation and a crawl space vapor barrier is the material thickness, flexibility and a sealed interior. Call us to learn more about each system.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier & Encapsulation in Bothell


Studies indicate that a crawlspace vapor barrier can prevent hundreds of gallons of ground water annually from entering and causing damage to your home.

Since as much as 40% of the air we breathe on the first level of our home comes from the crawl space, you are likely breathing poor quality air that could be prevented by an encapsulated crawl space.

These are a few signs of excessive moisture in your crawl space that may be controlled with a vapor barrier installation, and to a greater extent with crawl space encapsulation:

  • Rot and rust in your crawl space
  • Mildew and mold on the walls and floors of your first floor closets
  • Paint that is peeling on the exterior of your home
  • Respiratory discomfort or ailments

As one of the leading crawl space encapsulation contractors serving residents in Bothell we have time-tested procedures for sealing your crawl space.

Call to schedule a consultation to learn how an encapsulated crawl space can stop mold, mildew and moisture, and reduce your energy consumption.

Encapsulated Crawl Space Benefits for the Bothell Homeowner


As crawl space encapsulation contractors serving Bothell homeowners we provide several different crawl space vapor barrier choices, or when necessary we will recommend a crawl space encapsulation.

Our inspectors conduct a thorough inspection of crawl spaces before recommending a crawl space vapor barrier versus an encapsulation installation.

By choosing an encapsulated crawl space we can create a controlled environment that provides benefits by lowering the effects of temperature and moisture in your crawl space for managing and eliminating:

  • Standing water
  • Mold and mildew
  • Wet and moldy insulation
  • Duct work rusting
  • Termites
  • Structural damage and soft floors

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