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Puget Sound's Leading Crawl Space and Attic Cleaning Services, Providing Innovative and Effective Solutions at Affordable Prices With Qualified, Professional Installers. Free In-Home Estimates on All Services.


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Our company is dedicated to educating our customers and providing a service that will meet their individual needs while using environmentally friendly products. We continuously exceed the expectations and strive to lead the industry in professionalism, customer satisfaction, and superior workmanship. Quality without compromise.

Complete Crawl Space Cleaning Services for Shoreline Residents


Your crawl space is an area that doesn’t see much traffic but can get dirty nonetheless. While you clean your home around the crawl space, crawl space cleaning is not something you should do yourself.

A crawl space in Shoreline, WA usually has:

  • Unfinished, exposed insulation
  • Sump pumps and pipes
  • Duct work and vents

This makes it a space that isn’t ideal for habitation, and you shouldn’t go in to your crawl space much without proper ventilation. Crawl Space Cleaning Pros can help you with this.We offer Shoreline homeowners our services at a low crawl space cleaning cost.

We also make sure there is no risk to their health from poor insulation, pests, or water contamination, and we address climate control concerns. We clean and assess the area and make affordable suggestions for improving your crawl space.

Attic Cleaning in Shoreline – Removal, Sealing & Insulating


The attic is probably the place where you shove all your family heirlooms and old clothes you don’t want to get rid of, but it’s a place that doesn’t get cleaned very often.

Attic cleaning in Shoreline is our speciality, and we provide our clients a thorough cleaning that:

  • Removes dust
  • Checks for water leaks or pest infestation
  • Looks at the quality and type of insulation
  • Gives you attic cleaning tips for the future

Our certified attic cleaning and insulation technicians are highly experienced in this field and know just how to maximize the energy-efficiency and health of an attic.

If you’ve been searching for attic cleaning and insulation services, look no further. We promise great results at budget-friendly prices.

Why Call Us for Insulation Removal and Installation in Shoreline?


Are you looking around and wondering how to install insulation in attics? Attic insulation removal is not a DIY job, which is why you need to do your research and find the best attic insulation removal companies in Shoreline.

As one of the best in the industries, our clients frequently refer our services to their friends and family. Why? Because we:

  • Offer a fair attic insulation removal cost
  • We specialize in insulation removal
  • We perform attic cleaning that leaves the area like new
  • We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction

Why waste your time, money, and energy with another company? Choose the company that will put your insulation removal needs before their profits.

To schedule your crawl space cleaning in Shoreline, call Crawl Space Cleaning Pros today. Dial 866-673-9626.