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The Greater Portland Area's Leading Crawl Space and Attic Cleaning Services, Providing Innovative and Effective Solutions at Affordable Prices With Qualified, Professional Installers. Free In-Home Estimates on All Services.


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Our company is dedicated to educating our customers and providing a service that will meet their individual needs while using environmentally friendly products. We continuously exceed the expectations and strive to lead the industry in professionalism, customer satisfaction, and superior workmanship. Quality without compromise.

Complete Crawl Space Cleaning Services for Beaverton Residents


As one of the leading crawl space cleaning companies serving Beaverton residents we recommend inspecting and maintaining the area to reduce utility costs and ensure health and safety. Our crew is trained for large or small cleanup projects in addition to full services that include vapor barrier removal and replacement, sump pump installation, ductwork maintenance and insulation removal and installation.

These are common cleaning services that we provide in those hard to reach areas:

  • Removal of debris, rotted wood, and small animal carcasses
  • Cleanup of water damage to load-bearing beams and subflooring
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Leaky or damaged vapor barrier removal and replacement
  • Insulation removal and installation
  • Air penetration points sealing
  • Odor neutralizer fogging
  • Air duct cleaning, repair and replacement if needed

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Attic Cleaning in Beaverton – Removal, Sealing & Insulating


Attic cleaning is the first important step in preparation for reducing energy costs by air sealing gaps and penetration points and improving the air quality in your Beaverton home. These are a few important reasons for cleaning, sealing and insulation removal and installation:

  • Removal and decontamination reduce potential rodent and pest infestation
  • Reduced energy loss results in lower utility costs
  • Reduced moisture and condensation improves air quality and structural integrity
  • Cleaning removes harmful bacteria such as mold and mildew
  • Air sealing helps insulation to perform at its optimum R-value

The benefits of air sealing and insulation removal and installation can be substantial. An additional benefit for homeowners living in areas subjected to cold temperatures is that the results of these services can help alleviate the formation of dangerous ice dams.

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Why Call Us for Insulation Removal and Installation in Beaverton?


Our crew is expertly trained in insulation removal and installation, taking great care to minimize dust or debris drift into your home, to provide crawl space cleaning or attic cleaning, and to seal all air penetration points between the conditioned and unconditioned space.

These are additional reasons for residents of Beaverton to call us for these critical services:

  • Our use of innovative solutions to reduce labor costs
  • Careful assessment of the home’s interior and exterior to identify problems
  • Affordable pricing with superior workmanship
  • Our commitment to using environmentally friendly products
  • High customer care and communication standards
  • Reliability, dependability and high integrity

Call Crawl Space Cleaning Pros to bring your hard-to-reach places up to the R-value standards of the Department of Energy that can help reduce your energy costs and improve the comfort and air quality of your home. 866-673-9626