Seattle Crawl Space Cleaning Pros Will Transform Your Crawl Space

Let Our Experts Restore Your Crawl Space, Attic & More

Seattle Crawl Space Cleaning Pros provides cleaning, insulation and sealing of crawl spaces throughout the Pacific Northwest, using some of the greenest products on today’s market.

When you call us, we will come to your house for a free, no-pressure consultation. We leave you with a written evaluation so you can make an informed decision. Your evaluation is tailored to your crawl space’s needs, which may include:

  • removing old insulation
  • cleaning and deodorizing
  • repairing dilapidated ductwork
  • sealing ducts, pipe exits and vent areas
  • installing new insulation

Many people don’t consider crawl spaces a high priority in home upkeep. If you can’t see it, you probably don’t think about it. But your house’s crawl space can be plagued by all sorts of problems, such as:

  • mold
  • high humidity
  • standing water
  • escaping heat
  • rodent, raccoon or insect infestation

Insulating your crawl space can be a critical step toward making your house as energy efficient as possible. A crawl space that has not been sealed or insulated allows cold air to seep into the house through the floor and its openings, making your furnace work harder to heat your home. If not insulated properly, an uninsulated crawl space can also lead to mold, pests, frozen pipes and more. Next to the attic, insulating a crawl space can save you the most money each month on utility bills.

A Quick Crawl-Through

We are equipped to take every available step to secure your home from energy loss through your crawl space. Here is a list of some of the more significant services we offer to ensure that your crawl space is protected against the elements:

  • Remove any existing old insulation and thoroughly clean up the area, removing debris
  • Air-seal all penetration points where air leakage occurs with EcoSeal air sealant
  • Install new insulation within the floor cavity
  • Wrap water pipes and put down a vapor barrier over the soil
  • Seal and insulate exposed air heating ducts throughout the crawl space
  • Fix or replace broken or leaky vent screens
  • Secure all crawl space access points and install a sump pump for drainage if necessary

We Crawl Through Tight Spaces

Crawl Space Considerations

Depending on the size and condition of your crawl space, you will find that the amount of work proposed, the cost and the time it takes to complete the work will vary. During our first consultation and bid, we will attempt to inform you of all of these factors, as well as present options for new insulation based on price and thermal performance.

During the cleanout of your crawl space, our professional crew takes extra precautions to protect your home and your family from harmful contaminants associated with the waste left behind by rats, mice and other critters. Wearing protective gear of their own, our team will promptly bag existing insulation and debris for safe disposal. We then can deodorize to remove the smell and evidence of rodent activity, seal and insulate heating ducts, wrap hot water pipes, seal off air leakage points, reinsulate with generous amounts of fresh insulation and lay down a vapor barrier — all depending on your goals and budget.

Throughout the job, our crew will do their best to keep you informed of their progress and consult you on any important decisions that you, as the homeowner, should make with regard to your crawl space. Should you have any questions at any time, crew members and office staff are more than happy to serve you and ensure that this process results in an upgrade of both energy efficiency and peace of mind.

If you are interested in getting started with a complete crawl space overhaul, don’t hesitate — contact us today!

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